The Reci-Piece Project

Linda Holliday of Holliday Pottery. Photo by: Dying to Film

A Shared Meal Pottery Experiment


The Reci-Piece Project makes locally made pottery accessible, communal, and mobile in an effort to encourage community members to prepare and share meals, recipes, memories, and cultural traditions with one another.

Community members are invited to “check out” (like a library book) a piece of locally made pottery to bring home, prepare and serve a meal, and document the experience through photos, recipes, and reflections on the experience.

Local artist, Linda Holliday of Holliday Pottery, created the collection as commissioned art pieces through Sprout’s placemaking initiative. “I’m deeply honored to be a part of this important regional effort. Minnesota has a rich history of making and sharing functional pottery. Like the making and sharing of food, it has no cultural boundaries and can play an important role in building inclusive and caring communities,” said Holliday.

Recipes, photos and stories shared by participants are featured below. Want to participate? Check out our Reci-Piece Instructions and email




“Heart-A-Taco Salad” by Dawn Espe


1 of each of the following-
Head of lettuce
Bag of shredded cheese
Packet of taco seasoning
Small jar of green olives
Can of kidney bean
Bottle of Thousand Island
Pound of hamburger
Bag of Taco Doritos

Chop lettuce, onion, tomato and olives. Brown, drain fat and add taco seasoning per instructions on packet. Drain beans. Mix all ingredients together, except chips. Top salad with crushed chips. Enjoy!

Story Behind the Recipe
My dad made many meals for us when I was growing up as he got off work an hour before my mom so it just made sense. His meals were easy, hearty, and easy to like, much like my dad. When I served this to a group of friends and shared that it had an ENTRIE BOTTLE of dressing in it, we dubbed it “heart-a-taco salad” as we figured it would give us a heart attack if we ate it too often. We ate this recipe often when I was living with my parents, and I now make it for my husband and child. We do cut down on some of the less healthy ingredients, such as the dressing, to save some calories but it is definitely a family favorite!

I shared this meal in the patio tonight with my husband, Erik and son, Oliver. It was a lovely summer evening, cooler than usual. We all had our mouths stuffed with salad most of the time, so conversation was minimal. But we were still together, sharing Grandpa Warren’s famous salad.

I am glad to be able to pass this recipe on to others in Region 5. It has been a staple and an easy “go to” recipe and I hope others can enjoy it as much as I have.