Vote for your favorite Growers & Makers Marketplace booth!

Our Marketplace vendors do a great job of showcasing their small businesses, but we’ve asked them to step up their booth display skills, and we’re asking shoppers to be the judges. Sprout will reward the vendors who work hard to be the most impressive, embolden the marketplace’s vision, and win votes from shoppers.

Shoppers will vote for the vendor booth that impresses them the most in these four categories:

  • Category 1: Appeals to consumers VISUALLY. The display of product is attractive and abundant. Vendors creatively use color, texture, and layout to showcase product.
  • Category 2: Has a CULTURAL origin or story for their products. This could include accompaniments to the product like a recipe, product description, poem or story that inspired the work, or other creative connection.
  • Category 3: Is PLACE-BASED. The product depicts uniqueness of region. Ingredients, materials, and/or marketing connects customers to region’s history, resources, or other identifiers.
  • Category 4: Serves as a SOCIAL vehicle. The vendor engages with customers and draws them into their work and story. This could include offering samples or demonstrations.

Contest Overview

  • Vendors will be notified about the “Best of 2017” Marketplace Vendor Awards by email and at the October market at the Growers & Makers Marketplace.
  • The contest will take place at the November market where shoppers will judge vendor booths.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the November market.
  • Sprout will purchase product from six winners:
    • Two 1st place winners = $100 purchase
    • Two 2nd place winners = $50 purchase
    • Two 3rd place winners = $25 Market Bucks
  • Winning booths will be promoted on social media to help increase sales at future markets.

Why is Sprout hosting an awards program?

Depending on the product, Sprout may display or utilize the purchases at the Marketplace or as a way to connect to other partners in the region. For instance, a painting could be hung at a partnering organization in another city with a note of its connection to the Growers & Makers Marketplace in Little Falls. A pie could be given as a thank you gift to a regional partner, inviting them to attend future markets.

This contest is made possible by Artplace America and Region Five Development Commission.