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Definition. 1 : capitalizing on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being.

How is Sprout making a place?

Sprout launched a growers and makers market in a repurposed warehouse in northeast Little Falls. A destination where artisans, regional chefs, growers, producers and the public come together in an infusion of art and food, retail sales and community building with the natural bridges between agriculture, art, culture and local foods.

Come see this place!


Featuring Latino, Somali, Amish, Grower, Youth and Tribal art, cuisine and culture.

Connect with us or browse these webpages to learn more about opportunities for commissioned work, educational sessions, cooking classes, and other placemaking events.

Meet the Core Team

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Central Minnesota’s five-county region (including Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Wadena, and Todd counties) is the benefactor of a grant awarded to Region Five Development Commission by ArtPlace America’s National Creative Placemaking Fund. Through intentional placemaking, the grant funds will help Sprout showcase our community’s assets and talents found within the variety of cultures across the region and expand economic opportunities for growers, artists, makers, producers, and chefs.

Creative Placemaking at The Marketplace


Creative Placemaking uses arts and culture strategies to strengthen the social, physical, and economic fabric of communities.

Sprout is utilizing culinary, functional & nonfunctional art installations and experiences to:

  • Increase economic opportunity for regional growers, artists, makers, producers, and chefs;
  • Improve social cohesion through storytelling and exchange of culinary, visual and performing art;
  • Co-create learning opportunities for growers and artists; and
  • Establish Sprout as a destination where food, art, and culture meet.

The art and experiences can be traditional, contemporary, found objects, sculptural, interactive or collaborative. All forms are utilized to share stories, deepen experiences and to enhance additional purchases of culturally diverse food and art at the Growers & Makers Marketplace.







The Seven Teachings by Annie Humphrey from Sprout MN on Vimeo.